Common Questions

What is your process for buying my house?

We have a standard and structured process for buying your home in an efficient manner. We will first reach out to you in order to learn more about your property. If we decide there is mutual interest in moving forward, we will schedule a property visit, which enables us to determine an offer price. The offer is an “as is” offer and therefore the seller is able to walk away from the property without unnecessary hassle. We can have the contract to you within a few days. If you accept the contract, we will then proceed with the typical closing process.

Are there any charges to me for a property visit?

There are absolutely no charges to you as the seller for a property visit. All we ask is for your time. 


How do you determine a price for my home?

Properties we purchase are often in disrepair and require work prior to getting them back on the market. This often requires significant time and cost and is the largest factor in determining our offer. We use market comparables to determine the price we believe the home will get on the market after renovations are complete, and offer a discount to that number.


Do you buy homes in any condition?

Yes. There is no restriction on the level of renovations needed in a home.


Will your offer be contingent on bank financing?

We purchase homes using all cash and therefore do not rely on financing from banks or mortgage companies. Therefore, we are able to close in the most efficient manner.


How quickly can you close?

We generally seek to close in less than a month. If needed, we can close sooner, given your situation.


More questions?

Visit our contact page if you have additional questions and we will gladly connect with you.

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